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Sometimes we compare our lives to others but it is not wise.  To stop comparing, you need to find out why you are here and walk in your purpose.  What is your gift?  Discover, Develop and Display it!  Love your family and keep people around you that will help you can live the life that God put you on this earth to live.  That's what my new radio show is all about. Discovering and discussing ways, giving you the tools and resources as well as introducing you to people that will help you to "Live Your Best Life!"

If you are interested in being a part of the show, please place your name and email address below and you will receive all of the information that you need to participate in our live studio or pre-recorded shows.  Let's go!

Live Your Best Life!
Julia spends her days doing what she loves, writing, publishing, speaking and coaching others to tell, introduce and create ways to deliver their stories and messages to the world. That is her “Why.” BK Royston Publishing LLC, Julia Royston.net, Royal Media and Publishing and Royston Book Fairs are the conduits that she uses to spread the love of reading, writing, books as well as build businesses around the world. Follow her on social media or visit www.bkroystonpublishing.com or www.juliaroyston.net for more information and upcoming events.